Buddha Beachwear Ethos

Flip-flops are the essence of summer, the beach accessory as quintessential as your summer playlist. Flip-flops are as summer as the bright towel that seals your spot on the playa. They’re jumping with your mates into the water, your footprint on the midnight shore or the vibration of the plane on the runway.

Wear flip-flops and you ride the waves rather than chase the dollar. You buck the trend. Go your own way. Live the maverick life…



Flip-flops are as much a state of mind as they are a statement of fashion. Flip-flops speak of freedom and fun.

Good luck to you. But most flip-flops are built like a cheap rubber thong. Your memories of summer fade fast, but flip-flops fade faster. If only there was a way of keeping that summer spirit.

Buddha Beachwear was born from this desire. We grew up loving exotic beaches around Ko Samui and Pattaya, the aquamarine seas around the Greek islands and the cool coastal breaks of home.


When you return from holiday, it stays with you awhile. You’ll preserve it a little with your skin tone or your friendship bracelet. But, chances are your flip-flops perished before your plane even left the tarmac.

At Buddha Beachwear, we felt no need to add to the cluttered landscape of flimsy flip-flops. We set about creating footwear with lasting value.

We manufactured a new compound that’s both comfortable and durable. We built a proper sandwich construction and altered the angle of the toe bar for supreme comfort.

Once we were happy with all that, we added our own stamp: a raised lotus as a symbol of peace and as your guarantee of comfort and quality. A range of colours speaks of the world’s warmer climes.

Where do you wear them?

Today, Buddha Beachwear flip-flops take you beyond the beach. They last longer so that your memories of summer linger, too. Wear them around the house, in the coffee shop. Wear them to work if you will. We just make them. Where you wear them is up to you.

Wherever you wear them, one thing’s for sure: you’ll carry a little of that ocean spirit with you. Shalom.

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